“To live as an artist is to interpret, inspire and retell people’s life stories.”

Catherine Darlington

My life as an artist had its genesis in early childhood; I loved to study basic human interactions, behaviors, and rituals to better understand human nature and what drives each person. As I moved on to college and post-graduate work at Loyal University and Columbia College, respectively, my intellectual understanding and love of art matured and evolved.  I grew to appreciate how people used art broadly to express themselves and to tell both their personal stories and the stories of those that have inspired them.

My passion for art has taken me down two distinct but highly intertwined paths. First, I chose the field of education – spanning from elementary to university level – where I can nurture the artist embedded in all of my students, helping them to better enjoy and appreciate art and to guide their personal art journey. To quote 19th-century French novelist, Emil Zola “The Art is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work.”

While teaching has been a constant in my career, I have also stayed true to my roots as an artist with a focus on jewelry. Jewelry fascinates me. Even though it can be viewed independently, it is hard to fully understand the meaning of a piece without its full context on the wearer.

I live in the Philadelphia area where I currently teach jewelry and illustration while designing and crafting a line of jewelry.  My work is exhibited at various boutiques and galleries.