Earth Collection

“The sculptor’s hand can only break the spell to free the figures slumbering in the stone.”          Michelangelo

Rock and stones – so abundant and common – yet outward appearances can be misleading. There are power and energy below the surface, one reason man has always been intrigued and drawn to work with stone. In the Earth Collection, I carefully select stones that inspire and embed them in a setting that unlocks the mystery and power of each piece. Enjoy the unique beauty of each stone as it channels and focuses positive energy to the wearer.


darlington amethyst ring

Sterling Silver Amethyst  Ring

darlington geode ring

Sterling Silver Agate Ring


darlington geode garnet cuff

Sterling Silver Geode Bracelet with Garnets

darlington druzy cuff

Sterling Silver with Geodes


darlington hoop earring rodilite

Sterling Silver Rutilated Quartz  Earrings