cropped-darlington-wire-cz-bangels1.jpgI am a mixed media artist who likes to tell stories of how people connect with self, others, and the environment. I create for non-traditional, creative people who want to wear meaningful pieces, that are unique, and striking.

Connections are powerful, together we can tell your story.


“Cathy is a natural talent and a mindful educator. She has the ability to connect art and design with students of all ages. Her creative sketching abilities and her eye and ear for designing unique pieces of jewelry are remarkable and refined.     I found inspiration from working with Cathy as fellow educators and truly admire her natural artistic talent.”                            Dana Mowat, Valia Design
“Cathy is an amazing artist with expertise in a variety of areas and applications.  She offers unique design ideas and expert craftsmanship to help any student learn and perfect their skills!  Cathy’s designs speak for themselves, she is an artist not to miss!”    Alicia Bond