Jewelry Collections

“Embracing and uplifting the inner spirit is to unlock the best part of ourselves.”

                                Catherine Darlington

I am a mixed media artist who creates works of art, that tells the story of how people connect with self, others, and the environment. I work in sterling silver and gold, semi-precious stone, enamel, and found objects. In my jewelry, I explore how both parties celebrate, hide, or discard a connection.  I use unconventional sized, textured, and weighted objects that are supported, contained or expelled in simple metal structures to examine how both parties feel about a connection. Each collection explores a different connection, is presented with all the design elements that go into making it. I begin with an inspiration board, that explores the concept, color shapes, and form that will go into the collection. I then illustrate each piece by hand or on the computer, before I execute it in metal.  I want to make sure all the pieces’ work individual and cohesively before I begin creating. Once I am satisfied, I begin creating the pieces of metal, stone, enamel and found objects. Even though I have only shown a few pieces per collection, I usually create 12 -24 pieces per collection.